Hi! My name is Laura(Lou or Lil to my friends) and I'm a freelance writer, I'll be writing about everything on here, what I get up to, what I'm working on, also intending to fill the blog with quotes old and new that I feel are profound, thought provoking and heartfelt! Just articles that I think you guys may find interesting. Also short poems, I don't intend putting anything of great length on here because people just get bored. Short and snappy is my thing!
And finally another thing I will be blogging about is music, it's another passion of mine, so I'll be filling you in on favorite songs, recommendations. AND whatever else I come up with in the future!
If you have any quotes or songs or anything you'd like me to blog about then just email me with the info and I'll be happy to post it! Also I'm a freelance writer as I said, so if you like my material....hire me!!!
Keep smiling!

Always remember.......

In todays society, people have forgotten, humility, kindness and understanding. Can you imagine what the world would be like if people cared a little more about others? A smile at a stranger, chatting with someone new online, taking the time to listen to someones problems. Not to find a solution, but just to sit and listen. Maybe there would be less crazy in the world and more compassion! It really doesn't take anything away from you, or cost you anything to think about others as well as yourself!
There's a saying.....next time you see a stranger in the street, smile..it might be the only bit of sunshine they get all day.
How true is that?! I'm no saint, but I do try and take the time to think about other people, and I can't tell anyone what to do or how to act, but think about it, just by asking someone. How are you? It could change that persons whole day/week/month. Hell even their whole year!
Keep smiling!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Hi guys, sorry I haven't written anything new for a while I've had a few personal problems. But I'm hoping to be back to normal very soon. With articles a plenty for you to read!!!!
I'm still not sure what's coming up next but as soon as I do I'll let you know!!!
Thank You for being so patient
GG x

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Baby Brain!!!

This article is mainly for new parents, or parents with little ones running around, but daddies should read it too...and then you can help the mommies!!!

Ok, so you've had a baby, and most mothers out there have BABY BRAIN for at least the first two years of their childs life right? So what is baby brain?? You eat, sleep and breath your baby!! You have no idea about anything that's going on in the world, all your focus is on your child, and rightly so as any good mother will tell you! But it isn't selfish or wrong to want a little time for yourself to be you instead of Mommy!! And it doesn't make you a bad mother either!
Let Dad or Gran have some bonding time with the baby, even if it's just an hour!
Take a shower, sleep, watch the news, catch up with friends online! Which by the way is a life saver when you have little ones and can't get out much!
Just for a little while, do something that has nothing to do with your child! It may sound harsh but even after just one hour of doing this, you get your baby back and you're even more prepared for anything your child throws at you! It improves your parenting because you are less stressed and frustrated! And your baby senses when you're happy and relaxed, which in turn makes them happy and relaxed!!!
So Ditch the baby brain for at least an hour a day, you'll be a better parent for it I promise!

Keep smiling x

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Monsters & Monkeys...Exactly what we need!!

My next shout out goes to Sarah Bass. Founder of Monsters and Monkeys. What's that I hear you ask?? Well before I tell you, picture this...You're pregnant, or have recently given birth, or have a few little ones in your family and you're finding it hard to go out and socialise with other parents & families. You don't know where to go. You don't have the time or the energy to organize trips. Well Sarah Bass has come up with the perfect solution for you! MonstersandMonkeys.com Let them put you intouch with like minded parents to be, new parents and families, whatever the childs age, all the hard work is done for you! Day trips, picnics and other events are arranged so that you can meet with the people you talk to online! Genius right?!

About The Founder.....

Former accountant, Sarah, came up with the idea when she herself as a new mum found it difficult to meet new people, she realised that other mums, mums to be and dads where in exactly the same boat and found it just as difficult as she did! And from this Monsters and monkeys was born. Sarah now organizes mass events and get togethers on a weekly basis! Currently Monsters and monkeys is in beta testing mode, which means that a database is being created from free memberships, so you mums out there really need to check it out!Membership fees will apply once the Beta testing mode has ended, but very fairly priced!
To start with membership is based in the UK, Mainly London but Sarah is hoping to expand globally once things take off!
Sarah, as a young mum myself I think you are a genius and have no doubt that Monsters & Monkeys will be a huge huge success!
I'm posting a link to MonstersandMonkeys.com under favorite sites. Go find out how they can help you!
Keep smiling

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Why do women love bad men?!... PT2.

Well ladies, We've already admitted to having a very soft spot for bad boys!! And everytime, without fail, we end up trying to change them in to the "settle down" type of man.

I'm not talking about the asses in todays society that think it's ok to hit women, and other unspeakable acts! I'm talking about the guys who are as hot as hell, but refuse to settle, who cheat, or openly move from woman to woman. Why do they act like this in the first place I hear you asking me??? Well I have no proof and I'm no shrink but I have my own ideas.

Maybe they act this way because, at one point in their lives they were actually kind of decent? They've just been hurt and refuse to let anyone hurt them again, so they say they don't believe in love and are quite happy going from woman to woman for the rest of their lives. Truth.......nine times out ten, they're lying.
And if they're not lying then maybe they've never been inlove, and it will just hit them like a ton of bricks when they finally do! Or finally, maybe it's just the way they truly are and won't ever change!

And I finish with a little message for all those bad boys out there.

Imagine being in your seventies, in a nursing home, still trying to get laid because you're lonely??? NOT A TURN ON!!!

Keep Smiling.x

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Just another quick update on what I'm up to!
I'm about to start a very interesting Blog on a fellow tweeter!!! I'm saying nothing else except it's going to be the first of many articles about this person! All will be revealed in due course! Also working on part 2 of "Why do women love bad men?! Am thinking of making this a regular feature as I'm having alot of responses from it....Would love to now what you think!
And finally another article that is a working progress....BABY BRAIN. Intrigued??? I'm saying nothing LOL.
Finally would just like to say, times are hard, for everyone at the moment, me included. So if you like my writing and you know someone who could put a good freelance writer like me to work, then please forward my contact details, I work hard and need whatever work I can get!!! It would be much appreciated!!!
Keep smiling!

Why do women love a bad man?! PT 1.

Oh Ladies, why oh why oh why do we do it to ourselves!?! I don't care what your race, age, marital status or religion. At some point, wether you admit it or not we have all fallen for at least one "bad boy".

You know the type of man, the one who will never settle down, who is actually a really nice guy but only to his friends, never to the women in his life! The guys who make it plainly obvious that they are only interested in one thing, or the guys who tell you they love you and then go park their car in someone elses garage!

We know we shouldn't go near these guys, we know it will end in tears...usually ours! BUT WE STILL DO IT!!

Is it because we feel we can change them? Or because we need adventure and attention..no matter what kind! Or is it because by being with these kind of men, it in turn makes us feel slightly bad and sexy? Be honest with yourself now girls. I'll be honest, the thought of being a bad guys girl is a turn on, of course it is! "Oh he's mean, he does all these bad things but it's me he wants". Secretly that's how we think. And usually we end up falling for them big time and being heart broken! But why? We knew what they were like in the beginning. Women LOVE the idea of being with a bad man, even the married, happily married women, we all want or have wanted this at some point. Seriously are we insane! Nope, not insane it's just the pure adrenaline rush we get from it! It makes us feel attractive, rebelious, dangerous, sexy and all the things we women have trouble feeling on a normal day to day basis. But you're with a guy who's got a reputation, and you're carrying a dirty little secret around that makes you feel all these things! TURN ON!!!

There's nothing wrong with this, in most cases it can be good for you...as long as you don't fall for them. You know they have no intention of being with you long term, they just want some fun, so don't dive in with both feet, just dip your toe and test the water!

In part 2...Why are men BAD?!? "Why do they get off on going with woman after woman? Never having an emotional connection? Well I have my own ideas on that too!!

Keep Smiling.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

My next SHOUT OUT!!!

The next person I'm going to be shouting about is a lady who has come up with the most genius idea! She has a new up and running website and if my hunches are right it will be a huge success! But that's all I'm telling you for now. I promise you it's good stuff, when I post the article I will also post a link to the website so you can check it out for yourself!

Keep smiling.