Hi! My name is Laura(Lou or Lil to my friends) and I'm a freelance writer, I'll be writing about everything on here, what I get up to, what I'm working on, also intending to fill the blog with quotes old and new that I feel are profound, thought provoking and heartfelt! Just articles that I think you guys may find interesting. Also short poems, I don't intend putting anything of great length on here because people just get bored. Short and snappy is my thing!
And finally another thing I will be blogging about is music, it's another passion of mine, so I'll be filling you in on favorite songs, recommendations. AND whatever else I come up with in the future!
If you have any quotes or songs or anything you'd like me to blog about then just email me with the info and I'll be happy to post it! Also I'm a freelance writer as I said, so if you like my material....hire me!!!
Keep smiling!

Always remember.......

In todays society, people have forgotten, humility, kindness and understanding. Can you imagine what the world would be like if people cared a little more about others? A smile at a stranger, chatting with someone new online, taking the time to listen to someones problems. Not to find a solution, but just to sit and listen. Maybe there would be less crazy in the world and more compassion! It really doesn't take anything away from you, or cost you anything to think about others as well as yourself!
There's a saying.....next time you see a stranger in the street, smile..it might be the only bit of sunshine they get all day.
How true is that?! I'm no saint, but I do try and take the time to think about other people, and I can't tell anyone what to do or how to act, but think about it, just by asking someone. How are you? It could change that persons whole day/week/month. Hell even their whole year!
Keep smiling!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Drew Seeley...The next big thing?

So, I promised I would be talking about my other passion besides writing...MUSIC! The guy you see in the picture is Mr Drew Seeley! I could tell you what many other websites would tell you, where he's from. how old he is, how he got started etc etc, but I'm not going to. There's something more important to tell you about this guy, besides him being easy on the eye! It's his voice! He has the most beautiful voice and he can belt out a tune or two!! As well as being a musician, he's also an actor and often combines the two. He's not as well known here in the UK as he is in America, but I'm sure that will all change. I've put a link up for his official website, where you can find out all about him! He writes all of his own songs, and I haven't heard a bad one yet!!! BUT don't take my word for it, go find out for yourself!!! He did an awesome film with Selena Gomez called Another Cinderella story for which he wrote& co wrote alot of the songs in it. New Classic was a huge hit on radio disney!! Check it out on Itunes. The most impressive thing for me other than his talent, of course, his is kindness and the love that he has for his fans, it sticks out a mile! He makes such an effort to connect with his fans as much as he can! I even got a reply! After I annoyed the poor guy to death! HAHA! Sorry Drew! xx He has a say now number so fans can call and leave messages and he actually calls back! Yes you heard me, he calls back!! He also has a twitter account where he keeps everyone up to date with what he's up to, so go follow him!! He's going to be in New York all this summer on broadway, playing prince Eric in The Little Mermaid! So if you're nearby go see it!! Geez I should get paid for all this advertising!!! HEHEHE!! So look Drew up, I promise once you hear his voice you'll be hooked! Go check him out!!
Check in next week to see who I'll be picking on next!! :)

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